From confectionery to agriculture. If women are together
A photo story prepared within the framework of the "Çəkinmə, çək" training
Heyran Alışzadeh lives in the Guzanli settlement of Aghdam with her husband and three sons. She has a small business - she bakes and sells cakes, but Heyran Khanum's entrepreneurial activity does not end there. She tries to do bigger things with other women.
‘More and more, I realised that unemployment among women is high. I decided to create a big group of women and work together. We created the "Shahbulaq" women's group.

‘Currently, there are 18 women in our group. Ten of them are confectioners, two run salons, four are beekeepers, and four are tailors. We don't have any workplace or special equipment, we do everything at home on our own. We support each other in everything. We get a lot of approval and praise for our work.
‘This tractor was given to us by USAID
‘We have grown these watermelons ourselves. Now they are collected to be taken to Agdam
‘Currently, we are working together in the field of agriculture. We rented 2 hectares of land and planted cotton. We do everything ourselves. Our cotton has already bloomed. When we women stay at home, we become passive, but working together is such a pleasure.’
Heyran Alishzade

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